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The release of Kotlin 1.1 brings many welcome improvements to the language: val properties with custom getters can take full advantage of type inference and inlining; they introduced the T.also { it -> } extension method, which is to T.apply {} what T.let { it -> } is to {}; and data classes can inherit from interfaces and base classes, just to name a few. But the two biggest changes are full support for JavaScript as a compilation target (possibly a huge deal, if you’re a full stack dev and reluctantly work with JavaScript), and coroutines(!!!).

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Android WearIn case it’s helpful to anyone else out there, I had some trouble connecting my phone to a Wear watch.

The gist is, if you pair your phone with the watch from the Bluetooth settings screen instead of the Wear app, the watch will happily connect and try to update/sync, but your phone will never figure out that they’re connected. The first walk-through I read indicated this was how you were supposed to do it, but current versions don’t support this flow. Either this was inaccurate, or an update broke compatibility.

So to save yourself the grief I went through of having to FACTORY RESET YOUR WATCH SO YOU CAN RE-PAIR IT (!!!), make sure you enable Bluetooth in the phone settings, and you can see the watch, but don’t pair with it from there! Do it from the Wear app.

Full, accurate (if spartan) instructions can be found from Google: