night vision

Welcome to part three of my series on creating cool looking shaders of the not-quite-night-vision-but-still-looks-pretty-good variety. You can go check out part 1 or part 2 if you missed either of those. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Hi again! Let’s jump right in, shall we? This time, we’re going to put a little effort into maintaining the overall energy-per-pixel to the greatest extent that is convenient and easy. After all, we are pretty damn lazy. Adjusting the contrast will skew things, but the main point is that full-color, gray, and green modes should otherwise all look approximately as bright as each other.

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night visionWelcome back! This is part two of my series detailing the step-by-step creation of a night-vision-style fragment shader. You can check out part one here if you haven’t yet. We’ll be building on the code from previous article, but it’s not very complicated at this point.

Let’s add some code to crank up the contrast. As an added bonus, we’ll add a flag to pick green or grayscale rendering, to give us some options when defining the look of our games.

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